Molecular Mixology Master Class

Saturdays from 7-10pm in the Piano Bar

A bartender pouring a drink into a glass at Alaia Belize Autograph Collection

Master the art of modern Mixology with hands-on experience in cutting-edge techniques and local ingredients. Includes 3 cocktails, food pairings and exclusive Alaia Belize gifts including a bottle of Alaia Crafted Liqueur and Mixology Recipes. 

Class includes:

Introduction to Modern Mixology (Molecular mixology, equipment, techniques, and ingredients)

Transformation from classic cocktails to edible cocktails 

Crafted alcohol and non-alcohol infusions (gravity infusions, ultrasonic infusions, siphon infusions)

Ingredients and techniques of fat washing methods (sous pression, sous vide infusion, oleo saccharum method) 

Tasting and mixing the Alaia crafted liqueurs and infused alcohols 

Alchemy cocktails with alchemy food pairing (3 course menu) 

Importance of flavor pallets, consistency, with base spirits to make classic and modern cocktails 

Role of local ingredients and flavor combinations with modern mixology 

Presentation techniques with local ingredients, dehydrated fruits, and crafted flavored ice 

Sugar art class by Antonio Blaco with boozy ice cream presentation 

Spherification method and preparion class by Johan Herrera 

Art of mixing drinks with complex flavors  

Saturdays - 7:00pm - 10:00pm in the Piano Bar

US$220.00 per person including all taxes and service charges

Reservations required at least 48 hours in advance with limited availability. 

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